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Sunny TLC

 The Power Within you


    My name is Sunny. As a Transformational Life Coach, my goal is to help you become the next BEST version of yourself. We are living in a time of monumental world change. It is the most exciting yet challenging time in our history. It is time for each of us to "wake up" and start experiencing our BEST Life NOW! I want to help empower you to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs just like I was able to do for myself...

     "Life is meant to be challenging but joyous. It is when we work through these challenges that we learn and grow. You are up to YOU."

- Sunny TLC

    I came from a life of many challenges. The greatest challenge was overcoming my fear of leaving Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was plagued with constant feelings of religious obligation and guilt. Somehow I would have to find the mental strength to become empowered to take control of my life. That is when I realized that I had to let go. If that wasn’t enough, I also had to recover from a nearly fatal domestic violence incident. Despite the sufferings that came from living through these traumas, I was able to gain a new perspective and inner awakening that launched me onto this amazing life-affirming path of healing and self-discovery.

My background & challenges


Soncerá Austin, CHC, CLC, NLP
Certified Harmonyum Practitioner

Transformational  Life Coach





To help guide you along your journey.

I truly believe that our true purpose is to help one another learn and grow. I will work one-on-one with you to help you transform fear to fearlessness so you can LIVE a LIFE you LOVE.

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